6 Tips to Help you Break Free From your Career When you're Feeling Stuck

When you think about going to work, do you instantly dread it or look forward to it? If you're currently unhappy and feel stuck in your career then why not do something to fix the situation? It's never too late to make some changes and most of the time the only thing standing between you and your happiness is yourself. You have the power to change things and get ahead to where you want to be, so quit being stuck in your career and make the necessary changes now.

Here are a few strategies you can apply in order to break free and be in a career you truly desire. 

1. Make Time for Yourself

Whenever you feel stuck, unhappy, and frustrated in your career, the first step is to find out why. Perhaps you've reached a point in your career by total accident and have never taken the time to actually think or plan for a career you genuinely love. The first thing you need to do in order to get ahead and stop feeling stuck is to come up with a plan.

Take some time to fully focus on your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Write all of this down and have an uninterrupted meeting with yourself. Allow yourself to brainstorm and dream big about your ideal career. 

Make a list of what currently makes you happy about your career, what doesn't, and where you see yourself. Decide on the next steps you need to take in order to steer your career in the direction you want it to go. These steps can mean taking online courses, getting certified, seeking a mentor, or additional training. 

Don't try to take some time for yourself when you have a full calendar, a 10-minute gap between meetings, or when you're in a hurry. This won't allow you to really think clearly and honestly about what you truly want. Don't make time for everybody else and leave your own needs for last. Making time for yourself is crucial in order to seek your happiness. 

2. Grow your Network Frequently 

Nowadays it seems like who you know is more important than what you know in order to advance in your career. Don't wait until it's too late in order to expand your connections and grow your network. It's all about who you know and who knows you. Those are the connections who will think about you first once they hear about an opening and will put in a good word for you.

Meet people from all kinds of industries and make different connections. You want your network to have a lot of variety and not just people within your own career path. The more connections you have the better. Don't forget to stay engaged and nurture your network continuously. Find ways to add value to each other.

3. Surround Yourself with the Right People

Sometimes your own circle can bring you down without even noticing it. Take a moment to really examine the people that you constantly associate with. Would you say these people want the best for you or don't really care? Maybe this is what's hindering your motivation and drive to move further in your career. It's important not only for your professional life but also personal life to surround yourself with the right people.

If you want that promotion, career change, or to branch out and do something different, reach out to people who are or were on that same path. They'll have plenty of valuable advice about breaking free and getting ahead. 

4. Accountability

Accountability is what will help you achieve your goals. Make yourself accountable and tell others about those goals and the timeline you've proposed on yourself. Have them help you by holding you accountable so you can stay on track. 

For example, maybe you want to get a promotion by the end of the year, change departments by next month, or have a new career idea by next quarter. Share any of these goals with your colleague, a friend, family, a mentor, or a group you're part of. Telling other people about your goals and desires will help you be accountable and motivate you to progress faster. 

5. Get Out of your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is your sacred safe haven. If you want any significant change to happen, you have to leave it behind. It's easier to stay within this safe zone and continue to complain over and over again about how unhappy you are in your career and how much you hate it. Not everyone has the courage to take the risk and see what's outside of their comfort zone and that is the number one mistake.

In order to gradually leave your comfort zone behind, consider taking small steps. Think about the one thing that is scaring you the most and preventing you from making the change you want. Then, tackle this fear in small steps. Do this in a way that doesn't totally overwhelm you and cause stress. Slow and steady wins the race.

You might also want to consider becoming part of a group that deals with this situation. Facebook has tons of groups for all kinds of interests. Do some research and join a group that contributes to getting out of your comfort zone, bringing down barriers, and breaking free. These groups offer all kinds of tips and advice that can help you get ahead. 

 6. Accept Failure

Forget about being perfect or lucky, as most people like to describe those who have reached success. The truth about most of these people who now have mega empires is they also failed just like you. Just because they don't talk about it or you don't know about their failures doesn't mean that they never failed. The best learning experience comes from failing. It allows you to fix and make adjustments until you finally nail it.

Failing can easily bring you down, cause you to quit, or think that you'll never be good enough. Don't let failure brainwash you. Accept it and move on. If you want to stop feeling stuck and weighed down by your career, you're going to have to be open to failure and rejection. Barely anyone makes it on their first try. The most important thing is that you stay resilient and keep trying.