How to Become a Better Leader

While some people may be natural born leaders, there are others who have no idea what it takes to lead. Although being a leader can come naturally, it doesn't necessarily mean you know how to be a great leader or that you sometimes don't struggle with leadership. The good thing is that being a good leader is a skill anyone can acquire if properly worked for. All it takes is the desire to learn, persistently work towards leadership, and take the risk.

Here are some tips on how you can become a great leader:

Control your Emotions

Your emotions portray your energy and people can feel if you're giving off a positive or negative vibe. In order to be at your best and be a great leader that people can look up to, you must manage your emotions and have a balance. Once you have your emotions under control, your energy will be under control too.

Communicate Effectively 

Understand what is happening around you by observing and listening to your surroundings. A great leader should be a skilled communicator not only by speaking but also by listening. Have your ears open to communication. 

Work on your Skill

There's only one way to become a good leader and that's by working on it. Seek resources that will help you improve your leadership skills, develop expertise within your professional field, and get to the core of why being a good leader is important to you. 

Admit When you're Wrong

Admitting you're wrong and made a mistake only makes you a strong, confident person. People tend to think admitting when you're wrong is a sign of weakness but this is in fact the very opposite. When you admit to your mistakes you are being open and honest. People respect honesty and transparency and it is also a good quality for a leader to have.

Be a Mentor

Everyone wants to grow and develop within their careers or just in general. As a leader, your main duty is to mentor and offer guidance. Abstain from preaching and bossing people around and gravitate more towards offering your support and advice. 

Give Credit

Those within leadership positions sometimes tend to forget to give credit where it's due. Great leaders know to give thanks and acknowledge other's hard work. Any great accomplishment takes people and talent to execute and it's important to give credit to all those who gave a lending hand. 

Spend Time with your Team

Leaders usually have a team that reports and looks up to them for major decisions. Make sure to bond with your team and dedicate some time to work closely with them in order to form a strong teamwork ethic. Communication and productivity will also improve as your team is able to work closely with you. 


If you think being responsible and accountable for your own actions is important, don't let those who are slacking off get away with it. Those who look up to you as a leader will respect you more if you stand by your own beliefs. It'll also motivate your team and keep them highly functional within their roles.