How to Cope with Losing your Job and Move Forward

Getting fired or laid off from a job is a threat even the most competent and skilled employee can face. Going through this type of loss can take a toll on you personally and professionally and it can be hard to get back on your feet. Your confidence will suffer, your motivation can come to an all time low, and your ability to stay positive can vanish.

However, your ability to find another job depends solely on your actions and what you are willing to do in order to become employed once again. If you're wondering where to start, take a look at these simple tips:

1. Process the loss

Don't fight your feelings and instead allow yourself to feel. Go through the grieving period and don't repress these thoughts and feelings which will most likely resurface later on. You don't necessarily have to let it consume you but rather allow yourself to go through it, feel it, and leave it behind. 

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Although you may want to go through this in solitude, don't completely isolate yourself from those who can offer positivity. Lean on your friends and family for support. Being around people who know you best and support you through tough times can help you maintain a hopeful and positive mindset, as well as keep you focused while searching for your next job. 

3. Re-evaluate your opportunities

Although you no longer hold your position within your job, the truth is you're still more skilled and experienced than you were before holding that position. Update your resume and consider applying for positions that you may have been unqualified for before acquiring new skills at the job you just held. 

This new change will also allow you to step back and look at the bigger picture of the situation. Were you honestly happy in your previous job? Do you see yourself changing careers and doing something different? Think about your true passions and interests. Evaluate your work background, education, and life experience and how those skills can serve your passions. 

4. Develop your career

If you choose to stay in the same field, maybe you can use this time to sharpen your skills. Consider acquiring any certifications you've thought about before or continuing your education. Many industries require constant professional development so why not work on your professional skills and become a more well-rounded employee by using this free time to do so.

5. Stay active

Being unemployed can lead you down the path of a sedentary life. The stress and boredom you endure while coping with unemployment can cause poor dietary choices. Exercising and staying active can improve both your physical and emotional health. A simple 30-minute walk in the fresh air goes a long way.

Not only will staying active help you stay healthy but it can also help you clear your mind and release any stress and frustration you're dealing with. Don't be a prisoner to your own thoughts and get moving. 

6. Consult with professionals

There are tons of professional staffing agencies like Adecco, Robert Half, and Kforce that can help you with your job search. The right recruiter can discover job leads you wouldn't know about, all while you perform your own job search too. This will double your search power and expedite the process.

Although staffing agencies sometimes only offer temporary work, this will at least help you relieve any financial burden you may be experiencing. You can also continue your job search while you're earning some income in your temporary position. Keep in mind that while you're at this temporary job you're still expanding your resume and acquiring skills which will only help you reach a more stable or ideal job in the future.