How to Practice Gratitude: 6 Ways to Apply Daily Gratitude

2020 has been a difficult year in more ways than one. Amid all the chaos that has happened this year, it can be easy to forget the importance of practicing gratitude and counting your blessings. While you may have survived this year with minor mishaps, others around the world cannot say the same. Being aware of your blessings and being grateful for these blessings is important.

Life has an interesting way of keeping us on our toes. While some days you may remember to practice gratitude, some days you may find it hard to include it in your schedule. Check out these 6 simple ways you can apply daily gratitude into your life.

1. Have a Gratitude Journal

Get in the habit of journaling on the daily and recounting all that you are thankful for that day. Writing down these moments of gratitude that daily life brings you allows you to welcome constant gratitude into your life. Think about all the valuable people that surround you, the unique skills that you have, the special moments you spend with family, and all the other little things that evoke some sort of joy within you. Writing down all that you are thankful for serves as a reminder of all the great things you have going on in your life. 

Tip: Journaling at the beginning of your day can help you start the day on a positive and motivating note.

2. Remember the Bad Days Too

Although thinking back to those less fortunate days is something most people like to leave in the past, how would we appreciate the good if we didn't have the bad? In order to be grateful for your current state, it helps to remember those hard times you once experienced. Thinking back to those times is also a sweet reminder of how far you've come and what you've been able to achieve.

3. Spread Gratitude

Letting others know how thankful you are can certainly strengthen relationships. Think about it, how does it make you feel when a family member says I love you or expresses how happy they are about something you did for them? Next time your loved one or a friend or family member does something you appreciate, don't forget to let them know.

4. Be Mindful

Being present and living in the moment is hard. But that doesn't change the fact that life continues to happen whether you are taking the time to appreciate it or not. Our senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) help us appreciate the beauty of being a human and how lucky we are to wake up everyday and live. Take a few minutes of your day to practice mindfulness and appreciate your senses. Be grateful for what your body can do for you. 

5. Have Visual Reminders

The two biggest enemies of gratitude is forgetfulness and lack of motivation. Having visual reminders can help trigger those thoughts of gratitude and keep you on the right path of daily gratitude. Some visual reminders can be an alarm, a calendar reminder, a printed poster on your wall, your phone wallpaper, a picture, or even something as simple as a post-it note on your fridge. Make sure to have these visual reminders in areas that you walk by or see everyday. 

6. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Positivity is something that the world can benefit from, especially after such a tumultuous year. Staying positive can be hard but maintaining a positive outlook can help you appreciate the little things in life. Look at the bright side of everything. Try to find the good in the bad that life throws at you.