5 Reasons to Make a Vision Board

As the new year rolls in, many people decide to create a vision board of what they want to achieve in the new year. While there's people that believe in it, there are others who tend to create one and end up forgetting about it by the time February arrives. The point of a vision board is to include some of your wildest dreams, goals, and achievements and use it as a constant reminder to work towards those things everyday throughout the year. If you're not so sure of the power behind creating one of these boards, keep reading to find out why you should start believing. 

A vision board can...

1. Help you figure out what you really want 

When you are putting your vision board together you are essentially forcing yourself to sit down and think about what you really want from life in the new year. You may think about the things you want on the daily but are you really working towards them? Do you write those things down and hold yourself accountable? A vision board will help you focus on your goals and aspirations and expand your mind to go beyond your casual daily thoughts. 

2. Help you get unstuck

Let's face it, our lives in general are congested and overflowing with things we have to do on the daily. We go to sleep, wake up, work and do it all over again the next day. A tight schedule limits you on what you can do throughout your day and this is a major reason why people feel stuck in life. With so much work and responsibilities, exhaustion kicks in and you lose touch with your creative side.

A vision board is an effective tool that can help you get out of that rut you're in. It'll contain only your most important goals and reflect the ideal life you wish to live. As you put your board together you'll also have some time to relax your mind and only think about what's important. 

3. Provide a daily visual reminder of your dreams and goals

The main reason why vision boards are so effective is because you see it everyday, or at least you are supposed to. Visual reminders are probably the most effective. When you see something on the daily that reminds you and keeps you inspired, chances are you're on the right track. Even when you face obstacles on the road, your vision board will still be there ready to remind you to keep going. 

4. Incite productivity 

We are only human, not robots which means there are days when we wake up and are not feeling up for anything. When we are having our down days, we need some sort of spark to motivate us and get us going. Your vision board will do just that. This is why it's so important to place your vision board somewhere that you are guaranteed to see it on the daily. When you are feeling down, your vision board will be there to remind you that you have goals and dreams waiting for you.

5. Keep you organized

Sometimes a new year can get us so excited that we want to tackle a million things at once. However, trying to do too much can make things worse and you'll probably end up with a big mess and leave things half way done. A vision board will help you organize your tasks and help you tackle each of your goals accordingly.