Staying Calm During a Moment of Crisis

During a moment of panic and crisis, staying calm is the last thing on your mind. But staying calm has a multitude of benefits for your physical and mental health which will help you fight off the anxiety caused by a crisis. Staying calm during a moment of havoc is essential if you want to be able to think clearly and find a solution.

The decisions you make during a moment of panic are critical, so it's imperative that your negative thoughts and emotions don't influence the moment. Exhaustion and desperation are a bad mix when you need to make an accurate and appropriate decision. 

If you stay calm, you can think clearly and come up with better solutions during tough moments because your mind is not cluttered with negative thoughts and worries. When you make good choices due to your ability to stay calm and think, chances are you'll see your way through that tough moment you were facing. 

Instinctively, our body's defense system activates during a threatening or dangerous situation as a way to help us escape from the harm. It's a natural mechanism that your body resorts to in order to protect you. Your internal alarm system in a sense sends signals to your brain and triggers that feeling of being in danger no matter how grave the situation may be. 

This natural occurrence caused by your body brings an overload of stress, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, and heart palpitations. Since this is a self-occurring mechanism initiated by your body, it's important to properly access your moment of crisis so that you don't induce yourself into a chronic stress episode and other health problems. If you want to protect your well-being during or in future moments of crisis, you must learn to control discomfort, express your emotions, and stop enabling your frustration. 

Keeping your cool and maintaining your emotions during panic is essential to staying healthy, especially because your immune system suffers when you put your body through stress. Staying positive will keep you motivated and determined to find a quicker and smarter solution. 

We tend to worry about things that have happened in the past and things that are about to happen. What we must focus on is the present moment and deal with it accordingly. Take a deep breath, focus on the now, and avoid others who induce panic. Seek ways to work through a solution instead of thinking about the negative outcomes due to the situation you're currently going through.