9 Things to Avoid in Order to Achieve your Goals

There are many things, both mentally and physically, that can stand in the way between you and your goals. Although you may not be able to control the things that happen around you, you are the one who will ultimately make your goals happen. Whether you reach your goals or not, that all depends on you and how much you're willing to do in order to achieve them. 

Distractions are all around us and when it comes to achieving goals, that's the main deterrent that hinders our capability to achieve them. Creating a proper plan and having the right mindset is what will lead you to achieve and keep you on the right path.

Here are some of the main things to avoid in order to successfully reach your goals: 

1. Procrastination

One of the easiest ways to kill your drive and motivation to achieve your goals is by procrastinating. Forming a habit of shifting what you can do now and leaving it for later means you are not fully committed. Instead, take responsibility and do it now. Procrastination is a dream killer and it'll make you feel like you're stuck in one place rather than propel you forward towards your goal. 

Procrastination is fed by distractions. So put away your phone, stay off social media, and turn the TV off. You may also want to start by getting the harder and most important things out of the way first. Strive to finish that difficult task first before moving on to something else. This will build self-discipline and boost your productivity for the next task since you finished the hardest part first. 

2. Being Pessimistic

When you are pessimistic you don't see the bright side of things. Instead, you just wait around for disappointment. How can you effectively achieve your goals when you're not thinking positive? When you're optimistic, you'll have the right mindset and energy to give your goals the best you've got and expect things to turn out for the better.

Expel any negative thoughts. When you come across an obstacle, instead of dwelling on the negative take some time to seek an alternate route. If you're willing to get through it, then you will. 

3. Copying Others

Everyone is different so make sure you are doing something unique to you and not because someone else did it and you want to be like them. Although you can learn from others, you can't reach success just by copying them. If you look up to someone or admire their ethic, try to learn first about their source of motivation. Then, if your path is similar to theirs, think about how you can go about yours in a way that is unique to you and works to your advantage. 

4. Inconsistency

With almost everything, consistency is important. You need to be consistent in the gym, consistent with your diet, consistent with your work, in order to essentially get better or feel better. Your goals require consistency as well. Come up with daily, weekly, or monthly commitments that will help you achieve your goals.

Don't worry about the amount of progress, what matters is that you follow through and are dedicated. Come up with a plan and promise yourself to follow this action plan strictly and consistently. 

5. Quitting at First Try 

Goals are meant to challenge you. If your goals aren't challenging then it means they are not worth it or are too easy. Quitting is easy but that means you're also quitting on your dreams. When setting your goals, think about the future and the possible difficulties that you might have to deal with. Come up with a plan that will help you work through those obstacles and keep going. 

6. Overcommitting

When you have too many things to do at once, you most likely won't dedicate the attention required for each of them. This will make it difficult to achieve anything important. Instead, prioritize your goals and focus on each goal at a time rather than trying to complete them all at once. Although your mind may be solely focused on achieving, you must also be realistic with yourself and what you can actually do.

7. Lack of Drive 

In order to reach your goals you must have constant inspiration, motivation, and drive in order to pull through the obstacles and challenges that come your way. Without these factors, your goals can become stagnant and cause you to eventually quit. Go out of your way to seek motivation. Take a walk, listen to music, meditate, exercise. Do just about anything that you know will help you ignite those flames within you. 

8. Going After the Wrong Goals

Believe it or not some goals are not meant for you. You'll know if you're after the wrong goal if it doesn't directly align with who you are and you're doing it only because you don't know what else to do. Before going after a goal, take some time to think about it and really analyze whether it's for you or if you're doing it for the wrong reasons. 

9. Knowing it All

Being overconfident can sometimes cost you your goals. If you think you have everything you need to achieve your goals and don't allow yourself to learn new things, you are not doing it right. Learn as much as you can about your goals. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help but rather seek enlightenment. After all, you can never know too much.