8 Things You Can Do to Help You Deal With Change

Change can be exciting and thrilling for some people, but for others it can actually be scary and stressful. Whether you like it or not, change is happening everyday around us. Your kids change, your friends change, and even you change. Although change is something that will happen no matter what, it can be very hard to adjust to specific types of change. For example moving to a new city, having a new boss, changing your diet, switching jobs, or even changing careers.

Although you may never get used to it or fully embrace it, there are still ways to get through it and allow change to make you a better person. Check out the following tips that can help you deal with change.

1. Recognize That Things Are Changing

Don't get caught up with fighting change. Denial can get the best of you and make you blind to what is really happening around you. As you are going through a change, take some time to reflect and come to terms with the fact that things are changing and it is totally okay. Acknowledging this new change can actually be less stressful than denying it. 

2. Accept That Good Change Can Also Be Stressful

Positive life changes like graduating, having a baby, getting married, moving, or landing your dream job can also cause stress. However, stress is a natural reaction that your body goes through when things are changing. It is okay to feel stressed even through the good things in life. Embrace this new milestone and don't worry too much about the stress you're feeling because your body will take care of it on its own. In the meantime, be happy about your new accomplishment. 

3. Try To Maintain Your Regular Schedule

As you continue to go through changes on the daily, the more crucial it is to stick to your usual schedule as much as possible. Having some things stay the same, like going for a morning jog everyday at 7am creates an anchor in your life. This anchor is a reminder that some things are still the same and gives your brain a little piece of mind. When you are going through a lot of change it helps to write down your routine and check it off as you go. You can even use a calendar to keep you organized and on track. 

4. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Food has a major impact on your overall health. When change happens and you're not necessarily happy with this change, people tend to rely heavily on carbs and sugar. It is okay to soothe yourself if you're feeling down, but it is important to do so in moderation. Eating the right foods can help you reduce stress and allow you to cope with change easier. When you eat healthy you are not only nourishing your body but also your mental health. 

5. Seek Help

Don't be afraid or embarrassed to seek support. It is okay to ask for help and it's actually a good indication that you know yourself well enough to recognize you need assistance. Think of someone you trust deeply like a close friend or a family member. There may even be a neighbor you've gotten close to or who has needed your help in the past who can return the favor. The important thing is that you ask for help when you feel like you need it instead of letting it consume you.

6. Find The Positives Within Change

This step can be hard, especially when you're not happy about your current circumstances. However, maybe this change has allowed you to meet new people, develop healthier habits, prioritize the important things in your life, or even opened new doors of opportunity you never saw coming. Although we hate getting out of our comfort zone and falling out of our usual routine, change actually presents us with new opportunities and it's important to acknowledge them and realize how things have changed for the better. 

7. Be Proactive

Don't dwell on this new change without doing something about it. Instead, figure out what steps you need to take next before something worse happens. Being proactive is much like making an appointment with your doctor because you know something stressful is happening soon and you want to make sure you're in good health. Be proactive about this new life change has brought you instead of waiting for something else to happen in order to finally take action.

8. Don't Rely On Social Media

Social media is entertaining but it can consume you so much to the point that you think all those people's lives are perfect while yours sucks. Reality is very distorted on social media so you have to take everything you see with a grain of salt. Avoid social media especially when you're angry or upset about something. Instead, go for a walk, listen to music, or do something that specifically helps you deal with anger. Never compare your life to other's or use someone else's life as a handbook to live yours. Create your own unique happy life instead.