How to Press Refresh in Life in 5 Simple Steps

Every once in a while, it's normal to get tired of life. As humans we all get to a certain point in life where exhaustion takes over and it becomes difficult to look forward to the next day. Not everyone is open to talking about this or accepting of it so it's easy to feel like you're going through this alone.

If you are currently feeling tired of life, you don't have to give up or think that this is a permanent thing. With just a few simple steps you can turn your life back around, press the reset button, and start fresh.

How do I know I'm tired of life?

Life is unpredictable so it's important to distinguish whether you are really tired of life or you're just having a rough week. The most common signs that you are really fed up with life and need a restart are: 

  • You are easily irritated over the little things
  • Nothing excites you anymore
  • You are constantly emotionless
  • Getting a good night's sleep seems impossible
  • You don't genuinely enjoy your day

If you can relate to 3 or more of these signs, try applying the following methods and start living the life you deserve!

1. Think back to happier times

No one is tired of life as soon as they come into the world. Typically, a good and happy life is lived before you get to that point where you are fed up. Take a moment to reminisce. Think of the times when you were the happiest and living your life to the fullest.

Maybe it was when you held a different career or when you had a distinct group of friends. Perhaps you were living in a different city or state. You should also think about the hobbies, activities or lifestyle you held during those happy times. Chances are you had a different passion for life back then that fueled your happiness. 

2. Visualize your ideal life

You're fed up with the life you're living now, so is there a life you constantly dream about and wish you had? Take some time to think about your "ideal" life. Is it a life in the same city/state or in a completely different physical environment? What kind of people, places, and things surround you in this ideal life?

In order to press reset and start fresh, you have to know what is currently working for you and what is not. Write down the things that you see in your ideal best life and the things that you need to get rid of and are constantly dragging you down. It's all about visualizing and manifesting.

3. Figure out what's missing

At this point, you should have a list of things that once brought happiness to your life or think will improve your current life. So now it's time to find the missing puzzle piece. Since you are evidently tired of life, you most likely don't have anything from the happiness list in your life.

Look closely. Perhaps you're the one who has pushed those key factors away. Whatever the case may be, try to point out what you feel is missing in your life. Write them down so that you have written physical proof of how your mind perceives all this information.

Don't worry about rushing through this list. It's not something you need to complete in one day. Take your time and refine your list so that it has the things that you genuinely believe will improve your life. Add and remove from the list as you see fit until you think it's exactly what you need.

4. Identify the things that are in your control

You already know what you want in life, what you've already got, and what is missing. So the next thing to do in order to fix your life is to actually apply the things that are missing into your life.

It's very easy to point out the negatives and focus on these shortcomings. Instead of focusing on how to remove the negativity from your life, you should first add some positives. From the list you made during tip number 3, identify the things that you think are in your control. 

For example you can adjust your relationships, work towards a career change or change where you live. Anything that you think is in your control, go ahead and make the necessary changes in order to live a happier, ideal life. Compose a plan to keep you on track and help you achieve these changes. Work towards this plan on a daily basis one thing at a time, don't rush.

5. Break through the things you can't control

It's hard to come to terms with the things that are completely out of your control. You may not have the money to just get up and go to a different city. However, remember that there's always a plan b or a second option.

You can always go for the second-best alternative which is possibly in your hands too. This may not be easy to accept because you are so focused on option 1. But even option number 2 is a step in the right direction because in the end you are being productive about leaving behind this unhappy life.

Work on your lists, devise a plan to achieve your goals, and hold yourself accountable of your own happiness.