7 Ways to Stay Motivated

We all go through certain stages in our lives which can be much compared to a peak and a pit. At our peak we are at our best, floating on a cloud with the sunshine on our side. While at our pit we are walking around with the weight of gloom on our shoulders, feeling uninspired and pessimistic. Life can't always be a peak and when we're feeling down so is our motivation. The good thing is you have complete control of your actions and your ability to change this is within you. 

Whether you're trying to lose weight, going through a tough time, start a business, or eat healthier, here are some ways to stay motivated:

 1. Discard your Fears

Fear is the number 1 thing that holds us back from many things. You may not have a phobia about getting something done but you do have the fear of failing. This creates doubt within yourself and hinders your ability to execute. Work through these hidden fears and think about all the possibilities if you put your fears aside. 

2. Set-Up your Day

Get an early start to your day by waking up early. Try to plan out your day by doing the most important things in the morning. Getting the most important things out of the way first usually motivates you to carry on with the rest of the day in a positive, more relaxed way. 

3. Read a Positive Book

There are tons of motivational, self-help books out there that can fuel your mind. Read any of these books that offer new ideas to get your mental gears going. Learning new things puts your brain to work and helps you come up with better ideas and methods that you can apply to your daily life. 

4. Get Through the Little Things 

There will always be obstacles on the road. What you have to do is learn how to get past them. Don't let a small setback stop you and ruin your motivation to get to the finish line. Face the problem and handle it right away so you can keep going and ignite that drive and motivation you had in the first place.

5. Remember Success

Think about the last time you were able to achieve something you thought you could never do. There's no better feeling than succeeding. Build your motivation to achieve upon that rewarding feeling you felt the last time you reached success. As you continue to achieve and succeed, your motivation and inspiration levels tend to increase. 

6. Think About the Why

There's always a reason behind our actions. Take a moment to think about why you want to do something in the first place. Compare the outcomes and possibilities. The answer should be something you are happy with and if you can't figure out why, then maybe it's not even worth your time at the moment. 

7. Give your Mind a Rest

Sometimes our motivation becomes clouded behind a million thoughts. Take a walk or a small break and let your mind breathe. Organize your thoughts in order to give yourself a restart and tackle your tasks accordingly.